Shop Safely

Grocery Shopping

Shopping and other crowded indoor areas are high risk for viral transmission. The air is often stale or recirculated, and individuals from different households meet in close proximity, touching many articles in the process. Resist the temptation to chat and spread droplets: Do that outside.

If driving, go out and disinfect your car touch points; handles, steering wheel, indicators and seat belts, gear stick etc. Don’t forget radio. Keep a plastic sheet in car for placing fresh shopping on and spray that!!


    1. Assemble everything you need. Do it slowly and be mindful.

   2. Put on outdoor clothing.


   3. Wash hands


   4. If available don gloves and mask and goggles or mask substitute - please see video below.


   5. Enter shop. Be quick, try not to handle goods. Maintain 2m distance. Don’t chat.


   6. Pay for goods (if not prepaid). Collect goods and leave. 

   7. Arrive at home and remove gloves outside the door 


   8. Step inside your home. Remove mask and goggles at door and outdoor clothing and shoes. Air in sunshine if possible or rotate strictly every 24hrs.


   9. Wash and air your gloves and goggles in gentle detergent, no hand gel. Washing up liquid is fine for this. Clean your keys.


   10. Remember packages need wiping if plastic, airing for 24 hrs if paper - please see video below.


   11. Disinfect the surfaces that have been in contact with the shopping.

We have created a series of videos about going shopping, cleaning shopping, wearing a mask substitute and making payments - please see our information videos below!


If you are receiving shopping or another delivery from an RMA volunteer...


The volunteer will knock on the door and then step back 2 metres, leaving your shopping on the doorstep. The volunteer will be wearing personal protection equipment but please ensure that you use anti-bacterial cleaner on any points of contact, i.e.: doorbell, garden gates etc.

We will remind you that the packages need wiping if plastic, airing for 24 hrs if paper. 

General Advice

• Keep hair tied back

• Roll up sleeves

• Strict indoor and outdoor clothing and footwear policy

• Air clothing and footwear in sun and/or rotate items (48hrs is safe)

• Practise not touching your face, especially when out. This includes stroking beards and fiddling with specs!

• Cover eyes with goggles, mouth and nose if possible. If no mask, tea towel type material is quite effective as a make-do.


Ideally, you have enough gloves to use a new pair each time, but this might not be possible. Please see how to wash your gloves on our Personal Protective Equipment page.

Information videos on how to shop safely

We appreciate that there is a lot to take in so we created these videos with the help of our resident expert, Mary Starling.