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RMA Sewing & Distribution Club

WE NEED FACEMASKS for our volunteers and beyond that, for Rye and surrounding village residents.  Social distancing is key but wearing facemasks can also cut down transmission by 40%.  We want to avoid purchasing facemasks so they can be available for healthcare workers - so let’s make some!

You can help us by:

  • Providing materials - are you contemplating a clear-out and want to avoid adding to landfill?  We need bias binding, elastic and material such as cotton/polycotton (max 30% polyester, old duvet covers even). 

  • Sewing facemasks - you can find instruction videos on our website/Facebook page or online

  • Helping us collect and distribute materials and facemasks

  • Helping coordinate 


To sew masks:

  • Join the sewing group by filling in the volunteer form here.

  • You will be then be added to our ‘Sewing Club’ WhatsApp group

  • If you need bias binding, elastic or material, please ask on the WhatsApp group and we will try to provide you with some.

  • You can find a pattern with instructions and a video on how to sew masks below.

  • Once you have sewn masks, you can leave them in a box left in front of 12 Eagle Road Rye. They will then be washed and distributed to volunteers and residents. Please do add your name, email and phone number with your masks so we can get in touch. Thank you!

Thank you to Jane Barrie of Jane's Stitches for doing this for us and all of her help in this initiative.


Sewing Workshop

If you can help cutting material donated and making packs for the sewers, Jane's Stitches has kindly offered use of her workshop at 14 Tower Street following social distancing she can accommodate 2 volunteers at a time between 10am and 2pm on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays perhaps you can manage an hour here and there. 

If so please feel free to pop you name in any of the slots on this page.            

To donate materials

We need bias binding, elastic and material such as cotton/polycotton (max 30% polyester, old duvet covers even). 

You can bring your donations to Jane’s Stitches, Tower Street, Rye on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 10am-2pm.

If you are unable to leave your house

If you are not able to leave your house, this is not a problem at all. Please call the dispatchers in your zone (please see list of dispatchers on our homepage,) and they will organise for a volunteer to bring materials to you, or to pick up your donations / masks.

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