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  • Jen Sinclair

RMA'S Funding Management

Drafted by Col. Anthony Kimber

RMA fund management is to chime with RMA objectives; to:  

-  Add value to community support, including support for related organisations such as the food bank.

-  Enable acquisition of support equipment such as PPE, including face coverings.

-  Facilitate agreed projects.

-  Cover strictly controlled admin and support costs, including for on line and off line public information,  in direct support of main aims.

All funding transactions over £50 will be agreed by a majority of the Central Team and all transactions recorded as income and expenditure under the auspices of the accounts usually managed for the Rye Festival. For transparency, the account will be offered periodically for scrutiny by the volunteers. 

Bidding for grants and any costs involved, will be approved by the majority of the Central Team.

As, when or if RMA closes, a final statement will be prepared and any balances dispersed as agreed by the majority of the Central Team.

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