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Government Guidance on Holiday Caravan Parks

Limited exemptions

This is in recognition that people live permanently in caravan parks, both residential parks, which are authorised for year round occupation,  and sometimes in holiday parks.

This guidance covers holiday parks, not residential parks.


Whilst holiday parks are not licensed to be someone’s primary place of residence, we know that there are some occupiers who may not have an alternative place of residence or may not have access to it, for example because it is overseas or rented out.  Some occupiers on holiday sites may also be effectively living on a holiday site permanently, in breach of their contract terms. 

Where a site is, either legally, or effectively, someone’s primary place of residence,  or were occupants are staying in such facilities as interim abodes, and cannot return to their permanent residence they should be allowed to remain on site during this period of lockdown only. 

We also acknowledge that such facilities are also utilised to accommodate the business’s own staff, other essential workers and may be offered to house key workers during the Covid-19 crisis.

Sites are asked to look carefully at how to provide for any permanent residents, those who have no other suitable alternative accommodation, for example they may be unable to be in their own home due to flood damage, and others who may have a reasonable need to use these facilities, for example utility or key workers at this time of national emergency.

In establishing where someone’s primary home is, it is reasonable to assume that, in most (but not all) cases, this will be the address at which they are registered with a GP, or on the Electoral Register. 

Closures must not result in people being expelled from their primary residence or interim residence where no alternative accommodation is available or those with a reasonable basis  for being there i.e. staff or key workers.

In agreement with the industry, we ask individual sites to use careful discretion.

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