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  • Jen Sinclair

Feedback from our Volunteers

A few days ago we asked our volunteers to complete a short survey asking them various questions about how they feel now and how they may feel in the future.

This exercise was carried out both to make direct contact with all our many volunteers who have been excellently looked after by our dispatchers but also to gain insight into how many may stay on as the restrictions are lifted and some return to work.

We wanted to share the summary of results with everyone.

-  80 returns (so far) representing almost 20% (?) of volunteers. 

-  Majority would like to see RMA continue in some form and majority would continue to support.  

-  On the 6 key questions in the chart below, considering the larger blocks of answers. 

-  The first 4 questions ( focus on core aims; retain and develop website; raise awareness of safety issues; support sewing project) between 85-90% agreed.

- The 5th question (raise funds): almost 75% agreed with almost 25% neutral. 

- The 6th (help tackle social impacts of pandemic):  almost 50% agreed; with over 25% neutral and over 10% against. Therefore the challenge now is to work up ways in which RMA might help in the future; there will be more work on this.

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