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More Help

As well as shopping, collecting medications​ and friendly chats on the phone, Rye Mutual Aid can also carry out other essential errands for you while you are isolating. These include:

Dog walking

Posting mail

Putting bins out

Other similar errands that pose little to no risk to either the volunteer or the resident. 

Volunteers will never enter a property. Any deliveries will be left on the doorstep. 


Please remember to always wipe down and disinfect anything that poses a risk of contamination from these and similar errands. ie: bin handles, door handles, dog leads, garden gates etc.


If you need help or support with anything that is not listed on our website,

please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to assist.

Do you have financial worries and concerns?

See our page with help and advice on Finances & Work

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