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The RMA Digital Divide Project

On 8th Jan, RMA begun a local initiative to help bridge the digital divide in order that every school child has the equipment they need to carry out their home schooling.

We contacted all of the schools in the RMA region and have ascertained our target for the number of devices needed.

In just a week we have had dozens of devices donated, including laptops, pcs and tablets. We have also had some funds pledged and money donated specifically for this project.

The response has been GREAT and we can help 60+ families but we still need more of your help in order to get 50 more devices!

You can help us by:

  • Donating a computer or tablet that you have at home and no longer need.

  • Donating money to go directly towards the purchasing of adequate equipment.

If you would to discuss this project with us or check requirements please contact us on 07455 383237 or email 

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