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Concerned about leaving home because of Covid 19? Do you need some support?  Errands? Shopping? Post mail? Or pick up a prescription?

Or just someone to talk to if you’re feeling isolated? Rye Mutual Aid can help!


There is a group of local residents who are happy to assist in any way we can.  They formed Rye Mutual Aid, which has been recognised as a (Covid 19) community support hub by East Sussex County Council and Rother District, since April 2020.  


With the pandemic showing little sign of ending ( September 2020) in the coming months, if you need help and do not have relatives or friends to turn to, then please contact one of your dispatcher volunteers listed below.


We won’t ask or demand anything of you in return, we just believe in helping each other in a time of difficulty.  


We have divided the Rye and its surrounding villages into 20 zones. Each zone has 'dispatchers' who are the points of contact for all the volunteers in this zone. 

Just look for your zone in the list below and call one of the dispatchers listed.


Rye Mutual Aid aims to add value to the wide range of support provided by the Authorities and NHS.  If you ask us and we consider that there are others better suited to help then we will advise, but, do come to us in the first instance. To provide guidance on the types of individuals who might qualify for our support. 


Vulnerable Individuals 

Those who were shielded and listed by their GPs; 

Those who are over 70; 

Those with severe disabilities;

Those with serious underlying health conditions which reduces their immune system. 

The Self Isolators  

Those who self isolate to reduce risk because they are elderly, frail or just seriously concerned. 

The Infected 

Those with symptoms or been in contact or advised by the Test and Trace system. 

Those In Quarantine. 

Those who have been abroad and are required by government rules to self isolate for 14 days

Rye Mutual Aid can also help point to professionals who can help: 

Those seeking a local Food Bank;

Those who are “Victims of Domestic Abuse”

Those who are suffering from mental health issues.


Please remember that we seek nothing of you in return, we just believe in helping out in a time of extreme difficulty  


Please follow this link to the NHS website for the up to date list of those most at risk.

Before you contact RMA, please see some ways you can help us to help you...
  • If you have friends or family you can call upon please do so before contacting us.

  • Please plan ahead for shopping as best you can and gather a list to last rather than daily groceries.

  • Please consider getting a cheque book, an e-card or think about how you might best make payment to the volunteer helping you ( avoid cash wherever possible)

  • Please bear in mind that the volunteers have jobs so they will see to your needs as soon as humanly possible but not necessarily immediately so please plan ahead.

  • If you do not receive a response from your zone’s dispatch volunteer then please contact the next closest zone to you. (please ensure you let your zone dispatch volunteer know if your need has been dealt with)

  • If you are in need of medical attention please contact your GP or 111 call 999. Do not contact a volunteer.

  • If you are on repeat prescription medicine then please arrange home delivery where possible. If it isn't possible, then please contact the volunteer team for your zone. Contact details here

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